Sponsor a Seat!
We were in desperate need of new chairs at church! The plastic seats of our grey chairs, which we purchased over 20 years ago, had become faded and cracked and the metal legs were rusting. Although we hire theatrical style seating for our main production, we still need decent seating for the rest of the year for services and concerts and other events.
We have just purchased 50 red deluxe folding chairs. These are super comfy to sit on but have the advantage they can be folded up when we need the space in the church. The down side is that they are expensive and it is unfortunate that we been forced to make such a large investment just as we are attempting to raise money for phase 2 of our refurbishment project. Therefore in order to offset the cost we are appealing for Junior Church members past and present, villagers, friends and supporters of the church to SPONSOR A SEAT!
Those sponsoring a chair will have a message of their choice on a plaque fastened onto the rear of the chair. This can include a picture or photograph as well as text. The cost of sponsorship is £25 per chair which includes the plaque and inclusion, if you wish, in our list of sponsors. 
Please consider supporting Bladon Methodist Church and sponsoring a seat - click the button below. Following payment you will be taken to this page with details of how you can submit your message. Alternatively you can download a paper form here.
Members of the Junior Church showing off the new seats!